The strengths of the South Residence Cap Tamarin, Mauritius

Ever dreamed of spending a few days or retire in Mauritius, diving this island in the heart of the Indian Ocean and so famous for its economic situation and highly advantageous tax ? Think you settle into an apartment in the Residence Cap Sud, towards the region Tamarin.

Places of residence of the first comfort

The Southern Cape Residence is part of the largest building construction projects planned for this year in Mauritius 2017. The land is located near the sea and soon welcome 16 luxury apartments. Taking into account the tastes and needs of each, South Cape Residence offers both single-storey apartments, penthouses that storey buildings. Some facilities are present in each apartment, including two covered parking, a private pool or a cellar. As for multi-storey buildings, they will have a jacuzzi. As for those who are on the ground in the garden, they will be equipped with an infinity pool. Depending on the size of apartments, the number of B can vary from 2 to 3.

As for the internal equipment of the apartments, a modern, professional kitchen, luxury sanitary and a dressing room and closets will be present in each apartment.

Any buyer in Residence Cap Sud benefit, in addition to various guarantees a year for maintenance, 5 years as regards technical equipment and 10 years in the area of ​​the well structure.

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