Property investment in Mauritius : the assets of Domaine Dyhana

Domaine Dyhana part of real estate construction projects the most interesting of Mauritius this year 2017. Why ? First, because its location is one of the most idyllic areas of the island. Ensuite, because it boasts luxurious facilities and finally, because it will benefit from very interesting guarantees to investors. Here is what it's exactly.

A preferred location
The field Dyhana will be built in the area of ​​the Black River. It is known by local and foreign tourists for its beautiful beaches, but especially for the presence of the Black River National Park. The field is found, anyway, in the zone of the protected area.

high standard of infrastructure and welfare
each 19 villas that make up the Dyhana area will benefit from wellness facilities including a private pool or terrace. They may also give a garden of organic spices with typical Mauritian plants. The area will also include a spa can provide care of all types, sauna, hammam, but also various recreation rooms such as a yoga room and cardio. These facilities can be found in each villa depending on the type of building it enjoys. Indeed, The villas are built in four different types.

guarantees of offers to enjoy
An investment in the Dyhana Estate in Mauritius for enjoying various guarantees. They relate in particular maintenance, technical equipment and the structure of dwellings.

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